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The apparatus, a high-tech product based on modern biomedicine and Chinese medicine channel theory, is a harmonious combination of ancient and modern principles. Bioelectricity therapy is used to control hypertension

Therapeutic Mechanism:
The apparatus, a high-tech product based on modern biomedicine and Chinese medicine channel theory, is a harmonious combination of ancient and modern principles.

Structure & Effect Design under Biomedicine Theory

Bioelectricity therapy is used to control hypertension.

What is bioelectricity?

As defined in a Comprehensive Chinese Dictionary (Ci Hai), bioelectricity refers to electricity phenomenon in a living body. Bioelectricity exists in all living bodies in the nature, including human body. Therefore, diagnostic methods such as ECG, EEG for testing physiological functions and pathology of heart and brain came into use. 

Why do we use bioelectricity therapy for treating hypertension?

There exists a close relationship between bioelectricity and hypertension, a new discovery in medicine over the recent decades.

When Tiens Apparatus for Lowering Blood Pressure touches the body, its VIC circuit will activate the bio-close circuit in the body (called the electrical drive or internal drive). It will directly adjust the pathological potentials, arterial muscle cells, and relieve the small artery spasm.

Persistent Use Makes You Health Forever!
Property Features
This product was designed by Mr. Gao Jiajun, winner of 8 international technological invention prizes for designing. Applied with biomedicine theory, it is a self-operated therapeutic instrument developed for hypertension treatment. Compared with other methods for hypertension treatment, it bears the following features:

1. Mini size
2. Light weight
3. “No” property
• no magnetic
• no external power
• no time limit.
Therapeutic effect can be obtained in minutes.
4. Lowering blood pressure within 3 minutes
5. Two-direction regulation function
6. Quickly improves on hair loss and Alopecia Areata symptoms
7. A necessary product for health and happiness

Apparatus Main Actions

• balances blood pressure (It can make both hypertension and hypotension turn to normal)
• invigorates the spirit and refreshes the mind (Relieve both headache and head distension from suing mobile phones) 
• stops headache and dizziness
• controls hair loss and alopecia areata
• protects hair growth
• lessens toothache (neurological toothache) and joints’ pain
• benefits intelligence and enhance health
• generates cosmetic effect.


1. Therapeutic combing should be done at least 3 times daily. The more times one does, the better result it will bring. 
2. Do not comb the hair too heavily when one uses the blood pressure lowering apparatus in order to avoid damage of the head skin.
3. It would be easier for the grow of black hair if one adds black colored food in his diet such as black sesame, walnut, sea tangle and medlar. Furthermore, due increase of water intake is helpful for preventing hair loss.
4. Note: It would be considered normal to lose some 30 to 100 pieces of hair a day when one washes hair, combs hair or scratches his head. It is considered abnormal if one’s hair loses over 100 pieces a day.

Notice for Users

• The patient should remain calm during the therapeutic operation and regulation.
• Use the apparatus for one treatment a day for 3 minutes at the frequency of 20-30 times per minute once the blood pressure is stabilized in the normal range, and hair loss and alopecia areata is brought under control.
• For some patients, if the effect is too slow, he may wash his hands first and then operate the apparatus to increase the conductivity.
• In a warmer environment, easy dilation of superficial blood vessels and opening of sweat glands is good for the smooth circulation of the close circuit for a stronger therapeutic effect.

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